Sustainable Management Support


We are working as an Environmental Consultancy Firm accredited by Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) in the field of Environmental Inspection under ISO/IEC 17020:2012 certifications with the highest number of Environmental Inspection Scopes in Bangladesh.

Services Regarding

Waste Management Plan (WMP)

Solid Waste Management & 3R Policy

Assess your companies Environmental Impact with the most experienced & equipped team.

Chemical Management Policy

Practical guide to measure compliance by all parties with the environmental requirements.

Social Compliance Services

Credible Social Compliance Services to its clients to help them to be compliant with the regulatory matters.

Solid Waste Management & 3R Policy

As a part of our strategy, GREENBUD is committed to developing new waste solutions that can help communities and organizations achieve their green goals, including zero waste.

For Bangladesh Perspective we are especially focused on characterizing material streams to identify recycling, diversion, composting, energy recovery, and other opportunities to reduce waste disposal. We have highly experienced staff in this sector.

In Solid waste management we also provide:

  • Waste management planning
  • Handling of solid waste
  • Waste collection systems
  • Recycling and life cycle assessment
  • Energy from waste and biomass
  • Hazardous and health care waste

Chemical Management Policy

Now a day, buyers and customers are more concern about their health as well as for the environment and working conditions; as a consequence, chemical safety and policy has come in the focus of producers.

Many renowned buyers have made their own policy and regulations already. A lot of international brands are following Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemical (ZDHC) policies. They always try hard to maintain it in a strict way with zero tolerance. Some buyers require the own policy of the factory.

A Main gist of all those policies is to restrict the use of harmful chemicals which have adverse impact on both the human and environmental health. Some buyers have their own specific limitations on specific chemical using and the way of chemical storage. We are ready to help you to fulfill the requirement of buyers on chemical safety and policy.

Social Compliance Services

GREENBUD provides credible Social Compliance Services to its clients to help them to be compliant with the regulatory matters. We are capable and well equipped with all experienced and logistic support to provide the compliance services to the whole supply chain management.

Our services are divided into two major parts. First the “Assessment Part” – following the Local Laws & Regulations, International Standards (SEDEX, BSCI, WRAP, SA8000, ISO 9001:2008, 14001) & different COC’s of world renowned customer’s.

Second is providing “Training, Capacity Building & Consulting” to ensure sustainable business environment with expert team consist relevant certificates, technical Know How and most advanced tools.

We conduct a comprehensive diagnostic study and analysis of the prevailing system with the aim to identify.

Research & Development

GREENBUD has a strong belief that research will lead us to the ultimate sustainable solution. Which seems impossible or not a profitable solution as a green approach these days, can be made a cost effective one through continuous research and analysis. We are very fortunate to have a group of researchers who have a very strong hold in the research arena of environmental engineering, sustainability, production process, chemical protection and renewable energy solutions. Besides having research experience in the finest institutions of the world, our researchers also have a brilliant, motivated and hardworking team of new blood research assistants who aim to a green future.

GREENBUD has a plan to seek national and international research fund to accelerate the exploration in new environmental technologies, sustainable production alternatives and green initiatives. As GREENBUD also has part of executing green thinking, it is certain that we will use the findings of our research in our practical field.

GREENBUD will ensure the present need and keep scope to meet the future development. Unless having proper planning for tomorrow, maybe the total investment for environmental approach of today can be a total wastage. Customer will find the best solution for today, but at the same time it will ensure that this progress is nothing but another footprint to green factory.

GREENBUD aims to give all the possible support to the industries. With the process of being environmentally smart, the buyers of our garment product are asked to be complied with environment more and more. As because of that a significant number of recording systems has already been introduced, some project is by now running and a lot of initiatives are in the pipeline to come.

All of the retailer of the buyers must have to comply with those and as most of them are technical issues, the non-technical staff may not be good enough to cope up with all the specialized requirements.

As GREENBUD is a team of competent and dedicated people of this sector, we can easily ensure all the possible support for any kind of documentation, record of submission, monitoring of buyer’s recommendation and implementation of suggestions of auditors.

GREENBUD will be an “In House” auditor to make the industry safe from any unwanted non-compliance in the sector of environment, energy consumption and chemical safety.