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GREENBUD is a professional partnership providing diverse specialized consulting and management Services in environment and sustainable development. Its Client include Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Washings, Ceramic, Leather, Plastic, Printing, Packaging and any hard-liner Industries in national and Multi-national community.

Environmental Inspection

We are a group of people motivated to work in the field of environmental betterment and to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all of us.

LEED/Green Building Certification

ESI has signed a partnership with GREENBUD to be their regional partner of Bangladesh & work on behalf of them.

Environmental Consultancy

We, GREENBUD working as an Environmental Consultancy Firm accredited by Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB).

Energy Audit

Energy audits are a powerful tool for uncovering operational and equipment improvements that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to higher performance. 

Higg Index Consultancy

We provide full support and solution for HIGG FEM 3.0 for manufacturers to better measure and manage comprehensive environmental & social impacts of apparel.

Air Quality Inspection & Treatment

GREENBUD high quality equipment is available to assess your air quality. We are also committed to assess your indoor Air Quality with Transparency & Quality.














How We Started

From the small beginning to our vast nationwide presence today, GREENBUD has enjoyed continuous growth and enrichment of its service offering through the last EIGHT YEARS. Every milestone reached has enabled us to better fulfill our purpose of preparing our communities and environment for the future. Greenbud brings a unique combination of analysis and insight to the environmental service spaces …

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to be the leading environmental consultant in the country, continuously maximizing shareholder value by achieving exceptional performance, fostering long-term confidence and respect, while generating sustainable growth for all share- holders. Our goal is to introduce new and innovative services and technologies and assuring quality from advanced technologies. Exceeding customer satisfaction and granting trust through quality services.



























Now BAB Accredited

We GREENBUD working as an Environmental Consultancy Firm accredited by Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB) in the field of Environmental Inspection under ISO/IEC 17020:2012 certifications with the highest number of Environmental Inspection Scopes in Bangladesh.

GREENBUD is an Environmental testing, inspection, consultancy and service initiative. Our specialized team of experts and technicians are highly trained professionals. Many of experts have advance degrees from reputed universities in home and abroad. Our project management implementation and inspection work is performed under strict adherence to applicable regulatory standards.

Let’s Grow Together Sustainable

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Sustainable Environmental Solutions

Bangladesh, a land which has secured the 3rd position in world ranking in RMG (Ready-made garments). What if our garments or factory workers encounter with polluted air, what if the workers wouldn’t be able to work because of poor environmental situation? Our RMG sector collapses …

Selected Works

To satisfy and meet our client’s demand, we-  Greenbud promise to provide the best quality services. Greenbud combines innovative solutions with timely project management to produce creative and cost-effective solution to every sustainable problem. Greenbud provides all kind of essential services to any hard-liner industries in National and Multinational Community.

From Green Diary

Greenbud aims to provide a sustainable future where we can assure a sphere with breathable air, safe and sufficient water supply and a land with less noise pollution. Greenbud visions to make our environment livable from office to home, school to factory, play-ground to hospital, terminals to shopping malls.

8 Ways to Prove Thanos Wrong

8 Ways to Prove Thanos Wrong

On October 7th, 2018, IPCC (UN-governed panel on climate change) came out with a report stating – “Staying at or below 1.5°C global warming requires slashing global greenhouse gas emissions to 45 percent below 2010 levels by 2030 and reaching net zero by 2050.”...

পানিশূন্য পৃথিবীতে একদিন!

পানিশূন্য পৃথিবীতে একদিন!

সাল ২০৭৩। আপনি বড় বড় পানির পাত্র নিয়ে অপেক্ষা করছেন কখন বাস আসবে। আপনার এলাকায় এখনও পাকা রাস্তা আছে, গণ হাম্মামখানা, গণ সৌচাগার আছে, আর আছে সপ্তাহে দুই দিন সুপেয় পানির সরবরাহ। অধিকাংশ অন্যান্য এলাকাতে এই সুযোগ সুবিধাগুলো আর চালু নেই। বাসটা ঘুরে বাজারের পথে ঢুকতেই...

A Life Without Water

A Life Without Water

The year is 2073. You are eagerly waiting for the communal bus with your water jars. Unlike most colonies, yours still has a wide paved pathway, and services like bath-house, communal toilets, transport, and drinking water delivery twice a week. As your bus approaches...

Providing Sustainable Consultancy

For the Last 10 Years In a Row

Since 2012, Greenbud is providing environment consultancy and playing an active part in sustainable development projects. Greenbud has been serving a broad range of both public and private sector activities focused on protecting and improving the environment.


Customer Retention Per Year


Customer Growth Per Year

500+ Satisfied Clients

“Regarding environmental inspection and testing GREENBUD have been a great for us. We have been impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail and most importantly the quality of the work.”

“GREENBUD worked as a true consultant on the project. They understood our requirements and budget constraints recommend us the best solutions. They are enough experienced and well equipped with all the modern technologies.”

“GREENBUD has been one of the best consulting and inspection firm. They have always maintained a professional delivery process. We strongly recommend GREENBUD as a reliable partner in environmental sector.”

“I’ve been collaborating with GREENBUD for several years and I’m glad to be their client. Engaging GREENBUD was a masterstroke as I’m getting solutions with reasonable price. The work is timely delivered with aligned to our requirements.”

“You guys have done a tremendous job on the Environment Testing & Inspection project. Thanks so much for doing a great job.”

“I’m extremely pleased with the work done by GREENBUD. From the very beginning I knew that I had made the right decision in trusting them for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).”






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